Installation Guidelines for Multi-Platform & Multi-Broker Execution Modules

What is a Multi Broker Execution Module?

Algomojo offers state of art multi-broker execution modules for Algotrading where traders can manage their multiple accounts across brokers and can send simultaneous orders using Multiple Trading Platforms to Multiple Brokers at no additional fees.

What are the Trading Platforms Supported by Algomojo?

Currently, Algomojo Supports Amibroker, Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, Excel, Tradingview, C-sharp Based Trading Platforms, Python Based Algo Trading Platform, and any trading platform that supports http-rest APIs

What is a Trading Bridge

Trading Bridge is a connectivity layer between your trading platform and your broker. At Algomojo the bridge is designed to adapt multiple broker and can send/modify/cancel orders simultaneously using the Multi Broker Bridge Execution module.

Installation Procedure

1)Download the installation module in your windows machine

2)Install the Setup file in your windows machine.

3)Bridge files for multiple trading platforms are available under C:\Windows\AMBRIDGE folder.

4)Setup the Bridge for Different Platforms as shown in the above video.

5)Build your execution modules to send orders from Multiple Platforms and to Multiple Brokers simultaneously at no extra effort and no extra fee.

Disabling Protected View in Excel Bridge

If the Excel Sheet is not working then consider try disabling the protected view in Excel. You can choose to disable the Protected View feature within Excel so that you no longer recieve the warning upon opening any Excel file that has been downloaded. In Excel go to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Protected View, and then uncheck Enabled Protected View for files originating from the Internet.

Which Brokers are currently supported?

Aliceblue, Angel Broking, Enrich, Tradejini, Upstox, Zebu

Which Brokers are likely to onboard in the near future?

Samco, Compositedge, Mastertrust

Can I use Multiple Platforms Simultaneously?


How many brokers I can execute?

The numbers of brokers that algomojo supports.

How many Trading Accounts I can connect?

If you are a algomojo client then there are no restrictions on the number of account that you client.

Can I use this Bridge to Place Orders only in One Account?

Yes, Possible

What is the Cost Involved in Multi Broker, Multi Platform exection?

Zero if you are opening a trading account with Algomojo Partner Broker

How to Build Multi Broker Execution Module?

See you in the next tutorial about how to build Multi Broker Execution Module. Stay tuned!

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  4. i have two strategy in tradingview platform can i execute simultaneuousluy at a time in banknifty through algomojo

  5. Hello Rajendran,

    i can’t install “multi broker execution module” .
    error ” this installation package is not support by this processor type” how can rectify this problem.
    my system configuration
    Edition: windows 10 pro
    Ram: 4GB
    system type: 32 bit os, x64 based processor


    I use Angel Broking API setup
    so I place an order with
    “an” as broker code
    1.0 Version

    but my orders kept getting rejected with “null” and sometimes this {“message”:”Invalid symboltoken”,”errorcode”:”AB4006″,”status”:false,”data”:null}
    and also there is nothing shown up in the orderbook at all.

    Please guide ASAP

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