Sending Futures/Spot – Signals to Two-Legged Options Execution Module – Tradingview Pinescript Module

Thought of making an open-source Tradingview Pinescript code demanded by most of the option traders to control the cost, control the risk, and configure the two-legged option trading strategy of their choice with slicing larger orders feature. So here is a two-legged options execution Tradingview module for the Algomojo trading platform where users can configure modules on top of their own trading logic to convert any spot/futures signals into 9 types of two-legged options execution modules.

Tradingview Smart Order Strategy Automation – Without Writing any Single Line of Code

Algomojo strives to bring intelligent trade execution practices in the form of Arrow API controls. This tutorial helps you to convert any Tradingview strategy into Smart Automation without writing single line of code. So that even a common man who wants to perform automation can implement their algo trading solutions in tradingview without having any prior knowledge of Tradingview Pinescript / Programming Language.