Introducing Algomojo New Version Empowering Your Trading Strategies

We are excited to announce the release of Algomojo New Version, packed with enhancements designed to elevate your trading experience. This update introduces a range of new features, refines existing functionalities, and resolves issues to provide you with a more robust and streamlined platform.

Let’s dive into the key enhancements of this latest version:

Exit and Entry Priority in Group Strategy

In this update, we’ve refined the buy, sell, short, and cover priorities into exit and entry priorities within group strategies. This enhancement ensures that signals are generated based on these priorities, resulting in increased precision and efficiency in executing your trading strategies.

New Tab for Group Signals in My Group Signals

We’re introducing the Group Signals tab in the My Group Signals section, offering convenient access to all signals received for a specific group. With this new tab, you can easily explore individual signals within groups in the Signals tab, providing you with clearer insights into your trading activities and enabling more informed decision-making.

Separation of My Strategies and My Strategy Group

With the clear division between My Strategies and My Strategy Group, you now have greater control and autonomy over your trading decisions. Strategies assigned to groups will operate exclusively within the group, while individual strategies remain independent. This separation ensures that you can manage your trading strategies more efficiently, aligning with your specific objectives and preferences.

Trade-Wise Summary

We’ve added a detailed summary of trades in the Summary tab, providing you with comprehensive insights into your trading performance. Trades executed for the same strategy, whether in paper trade or live trade mode on the same day, will no longer be merged but displayed separately. This enhancement improves clarity and transparency, allowing you to track and analyze your trading activities with ease.

These enhancements underscore our commitment to providing you with a cutting-edge platform that empowers your trading strategies and helps you achieve your financial goals. We believe that Algomojo New Version will elevate your trading experience to new heights, enabling you to trade with confidence and efficiency.

Thank you for choosing Algomojo as your preferred trading platform. We’re excited to continue serving you and look forward to your feedback on our latest release.

Happy trading!

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