Harnessing ATR Volatility: Integrating Algomojo with Chartink for Automated Alerts


In the world of trading, volatility plays a crucial role in determining potential price movements and assessing risk. Traders often rely on indicators like Average True Range (ATR) to gauge market volatility and adjust their strategies accordingly. With Algomojo’s advanced trading infrastructure and Chartink’s comprehensive screening capabilities, traders can now seamlessly integrate ATR Volatility signals into their trading setups. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to integrate ATR Volatility with Algomojo via Chartink and create alerts for automated trading.

Step 1: Choose Trade Mode and Access Strategy

Begin by selecting either “Live Trade” or “Paper Trade” mode based on your preference. Then, navigate to view the specific strategy you want to implement.

Step 2: Copy Strategy Webhook URL

Scroll down within the strategy details and copy the strategy webhook URL.

Step 3: Access Chartink and Select Screeners

Go to Chartink and choose the “Screeners” option from the menu.

Step 4: Search for ATR Volatility Screener

In the Search Screener box, type “ATR Volatility” and select “Search Scans.”

Step 5: Select ATR Volatility and Create Alert

From the search results, select the ATR Volatility screener. Press the “Create Alert” button.

Step 6: Configure Alert Details

Give the alert a name, such as “Buy,” and select the check alert for 1 Minute. Paste the copied Strategy Webhook URL, and ensure the Notification option is set to Always keep Unique.

Step 7: Save the Alert

After configuring the alert settings, save the alert to activate it.

Step 8: Monitor Signals

Once the alert is created, signals will begin to generate automatically based on the ATR Volatility screener. You can monitor these signals on the Algomojo platform under “My Signals.”


Integrating ATR Volatility with Algomojo via Chartink offers traders a robust solution for automated trading based on market volatility. By following these steps, you can seamlessly receive signals from Chartink and execute orders on Algomojo, enhancing your trading efficiency and potentially improving overall performance. Always conduct thorough testing before deploying any strategy in live markets and stay updated with the latest developments on both platforms for optimal results. With this integration, traders can adapt to changing market conditions and capitalize on opportunities with confidence. Happy trading!

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