New Version has been released !

This update introduces new features, enhances existing functionalities, and addresses issues to provide you with an even more robust and streamlined experience.

  1. 1.New Component Deployment – My Group Signals: We have deployed a new component, ‘My Group Signals,’ enhancing the functionality and user experience of our platform.
  2. 2.Enhanced Strategy Management: Users can now directly access the ‘Edit/View Strategy’ option from within the ‘Edit/View Strategy Group.’ This enhancement streamlines the process of managing your strategies, making it more intuitive and efficient.
  3. 3.Improved Navigation in My Signals/My Group Signals: To enhance user experience, the platform now remembers and opens the last visited tab in ‘My Signals’ and ‘My Group Signals.’ This feature ensures a more seamless and personalized navigation experience.
  4. 4.Bug Fixes in Position Management: We have addressed and resolved issues in the ‘Add Position’ and ‘Adjust Position’ functionalities. These fixes aim to provide a smoother and more reliable experience in managing your positions, ensuring accuracy and ease of use.

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