Integrating Algomojo Prewritten Supertrend Strategy with TradingView: A Step-by-Step Guide


Automated trading strategies have become increasingly popular among traders, offering the ability to execute trades based on predefined rules without constant manual supervision. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to integrate Algomojo’s prewritten Supertrend strategy with TradingView, allowing you to receive signals from the TradingView platform and execute orders on Algomojo for automated trading.

Step 1: Understanding Algomojo and TradingView

  • Algomojo: Algomojo is a cloud-based trading infrastructure that enables algorithmic trading across various markets. It provides a seamless environment for developing, testing, and executing trading strategies.
  • TradingView: TradingView is a popular charting platform that allows traders to analyze financial markets using advanced charting tools and indicators. It also supports the creation of custom trading strategies.

Step 2: Navigate to Algomojo Strategies

Visit and select the “Strategies” option from the menu.

Step 3: Choose TradingView and Select Prewritten Strategy

Click on “TradingView” and choose a prewritten strategy that fits your trading preferences.

Step 4: Copy the Code

Open the text file containing the strategy code and copy it.

Step 5: Add New Symbols on TradingView

Go to TradingView and add the new symbols related to your chosen strategy.

Step 6: Paste Code in Pine Editor

Navigate to the Pine Editor on TradingView, paste the copied code, and press save.

Step 7: Add to Chart and Set Up Alert

Click on “Add to Chart” and create a new alert. Provide an alert name, copy data from your strategy, and paste it into the message box.

Step 8: Set Up Notification

Go to the Notification settings, paste your strategy webhook URL, and create the alert.

Step 9: Monitor Signals on Algomojo Platform

Once the alert is active, monitor your trading signals on the Algomojo platform under “My Signals.”


Integrating Algomojo’s prewritten Supertrend strategy with TradingView allows traders to harness the power of automation in their trading activities. By following these steps, you can seamlessly receive signals from TradingView and execute orders on Algomojo, streamlining your trading process and potentially improving efficiency. Always ensure thorough testing before deploying any strategy in live markets and stay updated with the latest developments on both platforms for optimal performance. Happy trading!

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