How to Transmit Large Orders using Algomojo Split Order Feature?

Transmitting Large Orders in one single go is one of the most demanded requirements from the Algomojo active trader’s community, particularly in the Futures and Options segment.

What is Split Order?

Split Order Provides the facility to split the large orders into multiple orders automatically and the maximum size of the order is limited to the freeze quantity.

For Example, the current freeze quantity limit for Nifty is 1800 shares and for Banknifty is 1200 shares. If the trader wants to punch 5000 shares in Nifty options then one can enter the trading quantity and enable the split order mode before sending the order to the exchange. While transmitting the orders to the exchange Algomojo splits the order into multiple orders of size 1800, 1800, and 1400 shares respectively.

How many orders can be sent in one single shot?

The current limit is set to 25 orders. ie a maximum of 25×1800 = 45000 shares in Nifty and a maximum of 25×1200 = 30,000 shares in BankNifty can be transmitted in one single go.

Can one square-off Large Orders in FNO segment in one single shot?

Yes, Currently one can square off large orders and even reverse large orders from long to short and short to long from the position book with the split order option enabled.

How much time it will take to transmit large orders

Generally, it will take less than a second to transmit large orders to the exchange.

What is recommended while transmitting large orders

Users should have a fair knowledge of liquidity as transmitting large orders impacts the price. Particularly split orders if executed with market orders in the illiquid segments could create a huge impact cost to the traders. It is highly recommended to use Limit Orders to avoid impact cost. However, if one is execting via market orders ensure that high liquidity availability

Which Brokers Supports Split Orders?

Currently enabled with Zerodha and very soon the same feature will be enabled in all algomojo supported brokers. If in can you have a request of using split-order feature do send your comments to

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