Customer Questions on Google Spreadsheets and Algomojo

Last time we had a done a tutorial on how to send orders from Google Spreadsheet to Algomojo Here are some of the FAQ’s I would like to clarity on Google Spreadsheets from our clients.

1)If I open Alice blue account via algomojo, Can I utilize “Algomojo forever free API Bridge” to integrate it with Google sheets?

We provide free API bridge for the cutomers who are opening a trading account via algomojo. Our motto is to bring down the automation trading cost for our trading clients.

2)Is there any subscription charges , other charges or hidden charges for using free API Bridge?

For those clients who are opening trading account via algomojo there wont be any platform charges or API charges. There wont be any hidden charges. Charges will be there only for the non algomojo clients who want to use algomojo platform. And charges will be there only if you are opting for Datafeeds to your trading softwares or using data API (Globaldatafeeds, Truedata products) or opting for virtual servers. More detailed information can be obtained here on Algomojo API

3)Can I trade via google sheets on android app? Or In other words, Once I wrote the app script code, integrated API key and created button control for Google sheets on pc , can I run the same sheet to fire orders from android phone? I know this one is tricky, but can you please check it for me?

Yeh it is possible to run Google Sheets from Android APP

4)Is there any algomojo android app?

In the next phase we have plans to launch Android App as well.

5)Do I need to login daily?

Yes Daily login is compulsary via Algomojo. Once Algomojo is done it is highly recommended not to open any of the brokers app to maintain the Algomojo session throughout the day to accept any automated orders.

6)Can we set time for firing pre-punch orders automatically from Google sheets via API bridge? Or do we need to click to place order?

If in case you want the timer to pre-punch orders then you can do it via appscript. We expect our users to do build such modules on their own.

7) Can we place Bracket Order with trailing SL from Google sheets?

Yes Bracket Order with Trailing SL is possible with Algomojo Platform.

8)Can we track real time PnL on Google sheets?

Yes, Possible One has to be an Expert in exploring the Open Position (Day and Net) Position to construct their own PNL and monitor in Google Sheets. It is highly recommended to learn how to automate using Algomojo API and here is the brief Algomojo API documentation on various execution functionalities

9)Can we set price alert or PnL alert on Google sheets?

Yes possible with Google Appscript. Google Appscript is all about online automation.

10)Is there any feature to square off automatically at predefined time?

Currently such options are not available in the current phase. However in the next phase we are planning to launch soon.

11)Can I backtest ? Can we have access to historical data (tick data / ohlc data) with free api bridge?

Ohlc Historical Data is currently supported by only upstox. If in case if you are opening a trading account for upstox then access to historical data is a possibility.

12)Can you give me demo to use Google sheets and API Bridge for algo trading?

You can watch this video to learn the basics of how to send orders from Google Spreadsheets and Excel Spreadsheets. And stay tuned to Algomojo blog for any fresh tutorials on Google Spreadsheets.

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