Algomojo Platform Now Open to PayTM Money Users

We are excited to announce that Algomojo, the leading automated trading platform for professional traders and investors, is now open to PayTM Money trading account users.

Paytm Money is a financial services company that offers a range of products including mutual funds, stocks, and insurance. It is a subsidiary of Paytm, a leading digital payments company in India. Paytm Money allows users to invest in a variety of financial products and track their investments through a user-friendly app. It also offers educational content to help users make informed investment decisions.

With the Algomojo trading platform, PayTM Money users now have unrestricted access to a wide range of automated trading functionalities and the ability to do automated trading using their own favorite trading software tools like Amibroker, Tradingview, Python, Excel, Ninjatrader, MT4, MT5, Google Spreadsheet, etc.

We believe that this partnership will provide a valuable resource for PayTM Money traders, and we look forward to helping them succeed in the dynamic and fast-paced world of online trading.

AlgoMojo is a trading technology platform that enables Systematic traders/ Automated Traders to quickly deploy trading algorithms across multiple brokers.  It provides the simplest and most Intelligent API controls to build sophisticated trading strategies. It is designed to be used by developers, quants, and algorithmic traders.

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Algomojo is a web-based automated trading platform built on the broker’s API with a minimalistic design built by traders for the traders.

Algomojo Features

Algomojo comes with Integrated all-in-one solutions. Here is the list of features supported by Algomojo
1)Manual/Automated Trade Execution. Algomojo Functions as an alternative to a broker terminal.
2)Multi-Broker Arrow Bridge to connect single/multiple accounts
2)Algomojo Arrow API with Smart Algo Execution Functionalities
3)Strategy Library for traders looking for popular open-source trading strategies
4)Trade Execution Modules – plug-and-play type modules to connect their existing trading strategies easily with Algomojo for Automation without writing any additional code. Trade Execution provides various execution modules (Futures to Futures, Scanner/Exploration based automation, Futures to Options execution, time-based execution, multi-account trading, Smart Chart based trading, Intraday Straddle modules, etc)
5)Split Order Functionality to execute large orders
6)Advanced security measures to protect user accounts and data
7)Multiple order types, including market, limit, and stop orders, Bracket & Cover Orders
8)End-to-End Chat Support, Ticketing Support, and Remote Support/Phone Support to implement your trading strategies live.

We believe that these features, combined with the convenience and reliability of the Algomojo platform, make it the premier choice for professional traders and investors. We are excited to offer these capabilities to PAYTM Money users and look forward to helping them achieve success in the markets.

Algomojo strives to help traders simplify their trade automation process and make life easier for traders.

Algomojo Supported Trade Execution Platforms

1. Amibroker
2. Metatrader 4
3. Metatrader 5
4. Excel, Google Spreadsheets
5. Python
5. Tradingview
6. Microsoft Power Automation
7. C# based applications
8. Any custom programs that support Rest API

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Login into the Algomojo Platform with PayTM Money Trading Credentials

Now goto and enter your client ID and password and press sign-in.

Create Algomojo API from My API section

use these API Key & API Secret keys to send orders from the Algomojo supported Trading platforms.

6)Download the Multi Broker Bridge for Algomojo and Install the Multi-Broker Bridge as per the instructions. The bridge is required only if you are an Amibroker, Metatrader, or Ninjatrader user.

What is the Overall Cost Involved in Algomojo?

Traders opening a trading account via Algomojo with our partner brokers will be enjoying Free API + Free Platform Fee under both Discount Broking (Rs20 per order) or whatever the broking plan our partner broker offers).

Here is the List of Cost Involved while deploying Algos

1)Trading API Cost: Free (For Algomojo Account Opening Clients)
2)Algomojo Platform Fee: Free (For Algomojo Account Opening Clients)
3)Strategy Cost: Traders are recommended to come up with their own trading strategies. If in case looking for sample codes then free strategies can be downloaded from the Algomojo Library
4)Supportive Platforms: Amibroker, Metatrader, Tradingview, Excel, C#, Python, Any Platforms that Supports Rest-HTTP APIs
5)Broking Charges: All F&O and equity trades would continue to be charged at Rs 20 or according to your brokerage plan with our partner Broker and there are no restrictions on choosing your broking plan with a partner broker. Irrespective of the broking plan Algomojo clients will enjoy Unlimited & Lifetime free access to Trading API and Algomojo Platform.
6)End to End Integration/Chat Support: Free.

What is the Pricing for Non-Algomojo Clients?

Currently, Non-Algomojo clients who want to onboard the Algomojo Platform with their existing broking account but are not mapped under Algomojo will avail of free Algomojo API access however there will be a platform fee of Rs 999/ month or Rs5999/year will be charged and that platform fee will be completely waived off for those taking Tradestudio Subscription / Directly opening a Trading account under Algomojo.

7 Days of Free Trial is available for Non-Algomojo clients to test drive before paying the Algomojo Platform Subscription fee.

Algomojo Trading Terminal Access is totally free for Non-Algomojo Clients to send orders manually/retrieve the orderbook/tradebook/open positions/watchlists from Algomojo to their broker account.

Features of Algomojo


Supports lightweight watch list with minimalistic design and easy-to-use interface to add symbols and multiple watchlists.

Dashboard to Track Funds, Positions, Orders, Holdings & MTM Profit/Loss

Manual Orders

One can place manual orders (Intraday, Delivery) and currently supports Limit Orders, Market Orders, Bracket Orders, Cover Orders.

AlgoMojo API

Algomojo comes with an inbuilt API that also supports existing clients of partner brokers with 7 days of free trial enabled by default.

Algomojo offers Free API + Free Trading Platform to algomojo users to Place, Modify, Cancel Orders. Currently, Algomojo API is free for users who are opening a trading account with Algomojo Partner Brokers. Free API platform + Free Algo Trading platform is offered with no upfront fees,  no minimum turnover, no special terms and conditions, no clauses, no strings attached.

Order Log

Order Log is provided to verify the timestamp and audit the difference between the executed trades and generated live signals in the trading software.

Note : Order log captures the trade execution in realtime and shows only orders which are sent via Automated Trading Platforms.

OrderBook : From the Orderbook one can get both the status(pending, executed, rejected) of manually punched orders and trading software-generated orders.

Positions: Any open positions can be viewed in the positions section. One button square off is provided to close all the open positions and also positions can be closed on the symbol selection basis.

Positions also display intraday and position MTM.


Demat account holdings can be viewed and managed under the holdings section.


trategy Library

Traders are recommended to come up with their own trading strategies. If in case looking for sample codes then free strategies can be downloaded from the Algomojo Arrow Library

End to End Integration Support

One can get end-to-end integration support to configure, test & deploy trading strategies.

The following end-to-end support will be provided to the algomojo clients.

1)Integration of Algomojo Bridge for Autotrading.
2)Integration of Datafeed (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Excel etc)
3)Integration of Windows VPS Servers.
3)Testing and Deploying the Trading Strategies.

And also in case, the trader needs a custom trading strategy to be coded in Amibroker/Metatrader/Tradingview then On-demand Freelancing support will be provided to onboard the client with their custom design strategies.

AlgoMojo API Documentation

Arrow API is meant to build faster and more innovative trading applications/Algo trading modules. Retail traders can use the API to build their own trading modules on top of Algomojo, or they can use the plug-and-play trading modules built on top of Arrow API.

AlgoMojo API documentation is comprehensive and comes with consolidated API structure to know about the various functionalities supported by the trading platform. It helps traders to build their own execution logic.

What is the Type of Orders Supported at Algomojo?

All types of orders are supported at Algomojo (Market Order, Limit Order, SL-Limit Order SL-MKT order, Bracket Order, Cover Order, AMO orders).

Algomojo Supports Multi Account / Basket Orders / Basket Option Orders / Basket Bracket Orders

Algomojo also supports rule-based ATM, ITM, OTM Option Orders

Algomojo supports PlaceSmartOrders for placing orders dynamically and more intelligently

Algomojo supports Order Placement, Order Modification, Order Execution, and Retrieval of the Orderbook, Trade Book, Order History & Open Positions via API.

Is the Web-Based Bridge Slower than the Exe-Based Bridge?

Nope. Both use Rest API as a communication layer to transmit or receive information from the broker server. The latency of execution mostly depends upon the client’s internet speed and the Brokers’ server responsiveness. In fact, a web-based bridge has more ease of use, and no up-gradation/installation/maintenance is required from the client’s side.

If in case you are having any queries always you can send a mail to

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