Algomojo – Arrow API – Launched with more Smart Autotrading Functionalities

At Algomojo, we try to make Algo execution faster and easier. From now on, we will move toward a common API structure so that traders can easily connect their trading systems to multiple brokers without having to change their code.

What is Arrow API?

Arrow API is meant to build faster and more innovative trading applications/Algo trading modules. Retail traders can use the API to build their own trading modules on top of Algomojo, or they can use the plug-and-play trading modules built on top of Arrow API.

Common API Structure

Common API Structure makes the trading application build once and reuse across the Algomojo-supported brokers. This is one of the most demanded Algomojo trader’s requests. With the Common API structure now more readymade plug-and-play modules will be launched across the brokers and across multiple trading platforms (Amibroker, Tradingview, Ninjatrader, Google Spreadsheet, Excel, Python, Nodejs, etc)

Intelligent Split Order Controls

Active traders are mostly involved in trading large quantities of trades and automating large quantities could be a daunting task. But not with Arrow API. Arrow API provides split order controls across PlaceOrder, PlaceSmartOrder, PlaceMultiOrder, and PlaceFNOOptionsOrder API functionalities that simplify the execution of larger orders into smaller packets and executes faster

Multi-Client Order Controls

With PlaceMultiOrder, PlaceMultiBOOrder, PlaceMultiCOOrder, PlaceMultiFNOOptionsOrder traders can trade across multiple brokers, and in one go one can send large amounts of orders to multiple brokers, without compensating for spending a huge time in building trading applications.

Smart Order Controls

Smart Order functionality is provided to improve the trading intelligence and place orders based on the current position book. The PlaceSmartOrder matches intelligently match the position book via external position sizing controls. This helps traders to build more intelligent trading systems faster.

Simplified API Documentation

We have rewritten the API documents based on the feedback we received from Algomojo traders which simplifies their development needs and helps developers to understand the API structure in a clear format.

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