Enhance Your Trading Strategy with RSI Divergence: A Guide to Algomojo and TradingView Integration


In the world of algorithmic trading, incorporating reliable indicators is key to making informed decisions. Algomojo, a cutting-edge cloud-based trading infrastructure, allows traders to seamlessly integrate strategies like the RSI Divergence into popular charting platforms such as TradingView. This blog post will guide you through the process of adding the RSI Divergence indicator to your TradingView setup and creating alerts to effortlessly transmit signals to the Algomojo platform for automated trading.

Step 1: Choose Trade Mode

Begin by selecting either “Live Trade” or “Paper Trade” mode, based on your preference. Then, navigate to view the specific strategy you want to implement.

Step 2: Copy Custom Data Indicator

Scroll down within the strategy details and copy the custom data from the TradingView indicator associated with your chosen strategy.

Step 3: Add Indicator on TradingView

Go to TradingView and add the custom data indicator you copied in the previous step.

Step 4: Set Up Indicator Alert

Within TradingView, configure an alert for the added indicator. Specify the conditions that trigger the alert.

Step 5: Configure Alert Details

Provide a meaningful alert name and paste the custom data from the indicator into the Message box.

Step 6: Set Up Notification

Navigate to the Notification settings in TradingView, paste your Algomojo strategy webhook URL, and create the alert.

Step 7: Monitor Signals on Algomojo

Once the alert is activated, you can monitor the signals generated by your custom TradingView indicator on the Algomojo platform under “My Signals.”

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