Metatrader Last updated: 2022-12-13

Algomojo provides a plug and play metatrader modules to convert any simple strategy into a strategy with stop loss, target, and trailing stop loss and intraday controls. The modules are also with various execution methodologies cash to cash, futures to futures, futures/spot to options execution credit spread modules, and various other execution modules that make the coder's life simpler.

Basic Features of Metatrader Trading Module

Algo Chart Based Module
Smart Order Module
Time Based Order Module
Split Order Module

For more details of each API behavior, Please see the Algomojo API documentation.

MT4 Bridge

MT4 Bridge provides a connectiity layer between MT4 and Algomojo and used for automated trading.

Installation Procedure

1)Download the Bridge and Unzip the MT4 and copy all the files inside the folder
2)Open Metatrader 4 Platform
3)Goto File -File Open Folder
4)Goto MQL4->Libraries Folder
5)Paste the File
6)Installation of MT4 Bridge is complete

Now one can start building the strategies in MT4 to transmit orders from MT4 to Algomojo Platform for more details about metatrader automation and various examples kindly refer the Metatrader 4 - algomojomodules

Download Bridge

Button Trading Module

This module provides access to button trading to transmits order from the click of the button from Metatrader. Buy and Sell buttons provided for the Entry and Exit the trades. Traders has to set the API key and API Secret key obtained from the algomojo My API section. Traders has to configure the parameter details properly.


Chart Trading Module

This module provides chart based automated trading functionality to transmits orders automatically from Metatrader trading strategies. Traders has to set the API key and API Secret key obtained from the algomojo My API section. This execution module afl code suits for long short trading strategies and intraday trading strategies. If you are trading long short trading strategies then first trade is always a manual trade later on one leave it to the Metatrader for the automated executions.