We are excited to share the newest enhancements to our platform!

🚀 Exciting News! Algomojo Platform Update: Version is Here! 🚀

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest and greatest improvements to the Algomojo platform with the release of version! Our team has been hard at work, and we’re excited to share these enhancements that will elevate your trading experience.

What’s New in Version

1.Introducing an Exceptional Telegram Notification Configuration Feature:

Easily customize notification settings for a specific Telegram chat ID, specifying whether to receive immediate alerts upon signal reception or after signal processing. Confirm your preferences effortlessly by submitting the configured settings. This outstanding addition is particularly beneficial for applications or services that offer real-time updates and alerts.

2.Transitioning from Expiry End Time to Expiry Exit Time & Introducing ‘Exit Time’ Input field:

In this update, The term “expiry end time” is being replaced with “expiry exit time.” This adjustment is likely made to provide a clearer and more intuitive representation of the point at which something expires, emphasizing the concept of exit as opposed to simply reaching an end.This change could enhance user understanding and align more precisely with the underlying processes or functionalities associated with expiration in the system or application.

Exit Time

The introduction of an “exit time” input box in the system signifies the incorporation of a auto square off mechanism, allowing users to specify the exact time of day when all open positions will be automatically closed. This feature enhances user control over trading strategies, enabling customization based on time-sensitive market conditions.

3.Introducing Bridges, a transformative replacement for Downloads.

In our recent update, we’ve made an organizational improvement by replacing the Downloads tab with the new Bridges screen tab. This modification aims to enhance user navigation and consolidate related functionalities into a single, easily accessible location. Now, users can seamlessly manage downloads and explore bridge connections within the dedicated Bridges screen tab, offering a more cohesive and efficient experience.

4.Split Quantity Allocation Based on Lot Size Implementation:

In this latest update, a significant enhancement has been introduced. The system now dynamically allocates Split quantities based on predefined lot sizes.

5.Enhanced Navigation:

In our latest release, we’re excited to introduce an improved user experience by incorporating a new feature into our platform. Now, when users navigate through screens and choose to go back, they will encounter a confirmation popup.This addition aims to prevent unintentional actions and ensures that users have a moment to confirm their choice before proceeding. We believe this enhancement will contribute to a more user-friendly and intuitive interaction within our platform, aligning with our commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

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