Exciting New Features Now Available for Enhanced Trading Strategies!


We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you.

Our team has been diligently working on a significant upgrade to our platform, aimed at enhancing your trading experience to new heights.

We are delighted to unveil a suite of powerful features designed with your needs in mind.

Allow me to introduce you to ‘My Strategies’ and ‘My Strategy Group’:

  • My Strategies: Easily create and execute your personalized order strategies.
  • My Strategy Group: Efficiently combine multiple single-leg strategies for seamless multi-leg order placement.

But that’s not all our enhancements extend to various facets:

Enhanced Trading Options:

  • Diverse Trade Types: Choose from LONG ONLY, SHORT ONLY, LONG+SHORT, and STOP+REVERSAL strategies.
  • Supported Segments: Trade across EQUITY, FUTURES, and OPTIONS.
  • Dynamic OPTIONS Trading: Identify trading symbols dynamically based on Spot Price.

Advanced Order Management:

  • Streamlined Bulk Order Handling: Split bulk orders into multiple transactions based on SPLIT QTY.
  • Customizable Strategy Timings: Set your preferred strategy start and end times.
  • Flexible Square-off Settings: Configure daily and expiry square-off timings.
  • Robust Risk Management: Implement Stop Loss and Target settings.
  • Rollover Options: Effortlessly set rollovers to the next expiry or the next monthly expiry.

Improved Connectivity and Accessibility:

  • Dedicated Webhook URL for Each Strategy: Ensuring a secure and reliable connection.
  • Seamless Integration with Trading View and Amibroker: Simplifying alert configurations.
  • Versatile Bridges: Including AMIBROKER, MT4, EXCEL, GOOGLE SHEET, and CHROME EXTENSION.

Enhanced Monitoring and Control:

  • Watchlist for Strategies: Monitor and place orders across multiple symbols.
  • Telegram Notifications: Receive timely signal updates.
  • Manual Signal Placement: Greater control over your trading decisions.
  • Comprehensive Logs: Track every detail of your auto trade enable/disable actions.
  • Data Management: Option to delete processed strategy data.
  • Position Adjustment: Add or adjust open positions anytime.

Detailed Reporting and Real-Time Updates:

  • In-depth Reports: Gain detailed insights into your signals, orders, positions, and holdings.
  • Real-Time MTM: Stay updated with real-time Mark-to-Market for open positions.
  • Square-off Options: Including Strategy Square-off, Individual Square-off, and Rollover.

These enhancements are tailored to provide you with a more robust, adaptable, and efficient trading experience.

We are confident that these improvements will significantly support your trading strategies and decision-making processes.

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