Amibroker Last updated: 2021-07-03

Presenting a functional python wrapper for algomojo trading api. Algomojo is a multi broker python library for the Algomojo Free API + Free Algo Trading Platform . It allows rapid trading algo development easily, with support for both REST-API interfaces.

Basic Features of Amibroker Trading Module

Algo Chart Based Module
Smart Order Module
Time Based Order Module
Split Order Module

For more details of each API behavior, Please see the Algomojo API documentation.

SuperTrend Intraday

Sample AFL Code - SuperTrend Intraday

This is a first version of Supertrend Intraday Strategy. Please highlight any issues with the code needs to be fixed or any additional features needs to be added. If it is worth doing then will add it accordingly. Code suits to run in 5.5+ version onwards. If you havent upgraded to the newer version then please consider upgrading as the new Amibroker has lot more features than the older one.

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SuperTrend Positional

Sample AFL Code - SuperTrend Positional

This is an upgraded version of Supertrend indicator. Supertrend is a carry forward strategy that involves overnight gapup/gapdown risk and also weekend carry forward risk. It is not a pure intraday strategy.

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EMA Corssover

Sample AFL Code - EMA Corssover

This is a simple prototype Amibroker AFL Code for those who want to design a level based breakout system when the technical event occurs(For example ema crossover, MACD crossing zero or RSI crossing above a certain threshold).

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Lin Supertrend

Sample AFL Code - Lin Supertrend

Compared to Supertrend 3.0 with the new version two interesting features has been added. One is a simple EMA filter rule is added to Buy and Short Conditions and changes in the dashboard (included target levels in Supertrend Dashboard for discrete traders). And performance of Trading system is really interesting when comes to backtesting with Nifty and Bank Nifty Futures.

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Supertrend V3

Sample AFL Code - Supertrend V3

Supertrend V3.0 is the upgraded version of Supertrend Indicator. The trading logic remains the same however a lot of bugs got removed and few features added in the current version. Multiple Consecutive Sound and Popup alert issues got resolved.

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Supertrend V5

Sample AFL Code - Supertrend V5

In the new version of Supertrend 5.0 thought of removing ATR factor to make the trading strategy independent of volatility factor. It is a simple long/short strategy fits for trading lower timeframes (5min, 10min, 15min) and strategy requires carry-forwarding the open position.

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Ultimate Volatility Expert

Sample AFL Code - Ultimate Volatility Expert

Ultimate Volatility Expert is a system created based on ADM(Average Daily Movement). It is a system based on breakout trading and quite similar to Open range breakout trading. And here the breakout levels are decided based on the ADM movement.

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ATR Volatility System

Sample AFL Code - ATR Volatility System

Another ATR Volatility based Long only Trading System. ATR Volatility system a mechanical strategy for higher time-frames Written by Tudor Marcelin – Art Invest. Just modified the actual trading system to support trailing stoploss based rather than channel based trading system and added back testing functionality.

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Camarilla Trailing Stops

Sample AFL Code - Camarilla Trailing Stops

Generally people use Camarilla as Pivot Point levels for their intraday trading. How about using Camarilla Pivot as Trailing Stop for positional trading. We build this interesting trading system (Prototype) using the concept limit order backtesting. It is a simple long/short breakout trading system with no optimization variables.

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Bollinger Band Trailing Stop Loss

Sample AFL Code - Bollinger Band Trailing Stop Loss

BBand TSL or Bollinger Band based Trailing stop loss trading is once again a mechnaical trend trading system for lower timeframes inspired from mql4 (metatrader). The trailing stoploss method is completly built using bollinger bands and completely fits for stop and reverse strategy.

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Line Pair Trading

Sample AFL Code - Line Pair Trading

Pair Trading is a neutral strategy which involves two stocks/indices with opposite positions at any given point of time to profit from any kind of market situations.

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