ExcelLast updated: 2022-02-06

Algomojo Excel-Based Automation is a simple tool that allows traders to send simultaneous orders to multiple trading accounts and brokers using a simple interface in Microsoft Excel. The code uses AlgoMojo's Common API to transmit orders, making the process seamless and efficient.

1) Simple Interface: The interface is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for traders to send orders without any technical knowledge.
2) Multiple Trading Accounts: The software allows traders to send orders to multiple trading accounts, giving them greater flexibility and control.
3) Multiple Brokers: Traders can send orders to multiple brokers, allowing them to take advantage of the best market conditions and execute their trades efficiently.
4) AlgoMojo Common API: The code uses AlgoMojo's Common API, making the transmission of orders quick and reliable.

1) Increased Efficiency: With Excel Based Automation, traders can send orders to multiple accounts and brokers simultaneously, reducing the time and effort required to execute trades.
2) Better Control: By sending orders to multiple accounts and brokers, traders have greater control over their trades and can take advantage of the best market conditions.
3) Enhanced User Experience: The simple interface and efficient transmission of orders make the trading process seamless, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

For more details of each API behavior, Please see the Algomojo API documentation.

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