Frequently Asked Questions on Algomojo

1)What is Algomojo?

Algomojo is an API-based Trading Platform to provide DIY (Do-It-Yourself) traders to build their trading strategies and automate in their own trading environment.

2)What are the Services provided by Algomojo?

Algomojo provided end to end requirements of an Algo trader right from Automated Trading Education, API connectivity to multiple brokers, Execution module and sample codes to multiple trading platforms, Datafeed to the various platforms, trading bridge, Datafeed API, Virtual servers, free strategy libraries, Code development, and community support.

3)Is the Algomojo Platform is Free to Access?

Yes, Algomojo is free to access if the trading account is opened via Algomojo. If the trader already holds an existing account with the algomojo supported broker and wish to continue with the same account then algomojo platform pricing is applicable.

4)Will there be any free trial available?
Yes, 7 days of free trial for existing broker clients. Those who open a trading account via algomojo get lifetime access to Algomojo platform.

5)What is the trading platform support by the Algomojo Platform?
Algomojo Supports Amibroker, Tradingview, Excel, Metatrader, Python, C# based Applications.
If you are a programmer then kindly go through Algomojo Documentation

6)Who are the supported brokers?

Currently, Algomojo Supports Angel Broking, Alice Blue, Fyers, Firstock, Tradejini, Upstox, Zebu

7)Can you recommend which broker to open a trading account?

We are broker-neutral and we like to provide a wide array of choices and the users of algomojo can choose their own favorite brokers.

8)Does Algomojo provides any guarantee on returns?
Absolutely Not. The trader has to take complete responsibility for their trading strategies. Algomojo will neither take any responsibility for the returns of traders.

9)How Secure is Algomojo?
Algomojo provides enterprise-level security for the users and provides a resilient, secure, extensible, and scalable environment for the users.

10)How I can get Algomojo Support?

Algomojo users by default get Chat Support, Ticket Support, and Community Support. Alternatively, users also can mail their queries to

11)Will Algomojo Stores the Login ID and Password?
Absolutely Not, Users will have to mandatorily enter the login id and password on daily basis in their respective brokers portal while logged into Algomojo platform. Algomojo will not store any of the trader’s login id/passwords.

12)Will Algomojo Provide Any In-Built Strategies
Algomojo will not provide In-Built Trading Strategies. However, from the Trading Library users can download the free/proprietary trading strategies which can be integrated with the trader’s favorite platform in their own trading environment.

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