Algomojo .Net Library Released for Developers to Build your own Algo Trading Platform

Algomojo releases .Net Library for the C-sharp programmers to build their own trading platform to communicate with Algomojo API.

Algomojo API enables developers to build automated trading solutions on the Algomojo infrastructure. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive API set that enables traders to convert their trading ideas into a fully functional algorithmic trading system and analytics.

What you can do with the Library

1)Place Order (MKT, LMT, SL, SL-LMT, Bracket Order, Cover Order)
2)Place Option Order (ATM/ITM/OTM)
3)Place Basket Order
4)Place Basket Bracket Order
5)Place Multi Broker Orders
6)Modify Orders
7)Cancel Orders
8)Exit Bracket Order
9)Exit Cover Order
10)Get Orderbook
11)Get Order History
12)Get TradeBook
13)Get Open Positions
14)Squareoff Positions
15)Convert Positions
16)Fetch Symbol
17)Fetch Security Information
18)Get Quotes
19)Fetch Account Balance and Margin Details
20)Fetch Symbol Token


.Net Framework: 4.5

Visual Studio: Visual Studio 2012 and onwards

Windows: Limited support on Windows 7. Full support on Windows 8 and onwards.

Supported Brokers: Aliceblue, Tradejini, Zebu

Download Algomojo .Net Library

In case you need any assistance in setting up the library do send a mail to

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